Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5 – (I am a slacker) I am greatful for the opportunity to achieve my medical education

As much as studying sucks sometimes, I have to reflect on how grateful I am that I get to pursue my dream to become a doctor. It’s something I’ve strived for since I started learning about the human body and I hope I can keep that passion for the rest of my life
Day 6 – I will let myself relax during Spring Break

Tomorrow we leave for Colorado to spend a week with my family and friends skiing in Winter Park! I am going to consciously remind myself to not think about school or any other stressors and just live in the moment.


Day 4 (ish)

I can set my mind to something and finish my goals

After a crazy, wonderful, long weekend in New Orleans I stopped taking these five minutes for these posts. It was frustrating to me because I told myself I was going to do this every single day – I was determined. I have already shown myself that I am capable of forming a new habit about a year ago with working out, so I know it’s possible. Well here I am now, a few days without posting and I am now ready to commit to doing this everyday, just as if it was brushing my teeth.

Day 3

I can remain calm in times of stress.

Even though I had a quiz today, my biggest stressor was making my flights from Omaha to Denver to New Orleans despite snow at my layover. I have been looking forward to this trip for quite a while and the thought of having to postpone my departure due to snow caused a great deal of stress. However, this was completely out of my control and after having dinner and a drink in the airport with some very sweet people, I made it onto the plane and on my way to celebrate Mardi Gras!